We are building professional Web Applications in PHP, Javascript, Perl or Python.


Web Design & Development

Building, optimising and integrating complex business-critical systems and applications. We provide both enterprise systems and small web presence sites.


Mobile Apps
If you require a mobile app for your website or an API to allow mobile applications to communicate with your system, we can provide both. We also produce responsive designs for mobile browsers.



Need an online shop, we can help. We have vast experience with Payment Gateways, warehousing system integrations, shipping methods and shop management. We use tools like Sonata, Magento or WooCommerce to bring your sales business online.


Security & Performance

If you believe you have been „hacked“, we can help. We can provide security audits to point out the weaknesses and make the required fixes and updates.


Just some of the technologies we use on a daily basis




A modern PHP Framework which allows us to develop modules in a decoupled manner, vastly improving future extensibility and thus the lifetime of the system.
We use Symfony 3 when developing for highly bespoke feature rich applications. Open Source bundles can also help speed up development.



The industry standard for e-commerce solutions. We provide both community and enterprise version solutions (version 1 and 2), for small to large businesses.
Magento provides much of the base features of any e-commerce store, and we can easily add new modules for custom behaviour.



Ideal for the smaller to medium sized projects which don’t require e-commerce. Excellent for content rich applications and development time can be fast depending on the bespoke features of the project.
Wordpress is the worlds most popular blogging platform.



The most popular web server side scripting language in the world. We develop our code using TDD/BDD methodologies improving the design of our object orientated (modular) code and reducing the likelihood of bugs.

Our mission

We are passionate about delivering a professional service to our clients, with an honest and technical approach.