Build your IT infrastructure on the strongest foundation available.

Tier1: High-Availability-Managed

Höchste Verfügbarkeit, Platz auf einem Active-Passive-Cluster mit Management des Betriebssystems.
Kompletter Cluster (Intel Core-i7 Hexa Core 3930K, 64 GB Ram, 2×500 GB SSD) 1499 Eur

CPU RAM Space Backup Price
8 Cores 16 GB 200 GB 50 GB 549,00 Euro
4 Cores 8 GB 100 GB 25 GB 379,00 Euro

Tier2: High-Availability

Höchste Verfügbarkeit, Platz auf einem Active-Passive-Cluster.

CPU RAM Space Backup Price
8 Cores 16 GB 200 GB 50 GB 249,00 Euro
4 Cores 8 GB 100 GB 25 GB 199,00 Euro
2 Cores 4 GB 500 GB 10 GB 139,00 Euro
1 Cores 2 GB 25 GB 65,00 Euro


Tier3: Dedicated-VM

Konvetionelles Hosting, geeignet für Entwicklungsumgebungen.

CPU RAM Space Backup Price
8 Cores 16 GB 200 GB 50 GB 119,00 Euro
4 Cores 8 GB 100 GB 25 GB 99,00 Euro
2 Cores 4 GB 50 GB 10 GB 69,00 Euro
1 Cores 2 GB 25 GB 45,00 Euro


Die Vertragslaufzeit kann je nach Bedarf aus folgender Tabelle gewählt werden:

Kündigungsfrist Mindestlaufzeit Aufschlag
3 Monate 12 Monate 0 %
3 Monate 6 Monate 10 %
1 Monat 3 Monate 15 %
1 Monat 1 Monat 20 %

Zusätzlich gewähren wir 2% Rabatt sofern Lastschriftverfahren vereinbart wird.


CPU-Core 20,00 Euro
1 GB Speicherplatz SSD (bis max. doppeltes Volumen der Basis) 0,40 Euro
1 TB Speicherplatz HDD 10,00 Euro
1 GB RAM (bis max. doppeltes Volumen der Basis) 1,80 Euro
IP/Subnet Auf Anfrage
10 GB zusätzlicher Backupplatz 5,00 Euro
Snapshot-Backup (Erstellung eines Binären Images des
kompletten Datenträgers, Zeit frei wählbar, max 1x alle 24 Stunden)
75,00 Euro
Technischer Support 15 Minuten 40,00 Euro
Windows Server 2016 58,50 Euro

*(alle Preise sind zzgl. MwSt und monatlich abzurechnen)

Guaranteed 100% uptime, regardless of complexity.

Your business is a complex organism. Building it and making it a successful operation took the right combination of vision, skill sets and experience. Building an IT infrastructure robust enough to maximize the potential of your complex business structure is no different.

We have all the facility, tools and expertise needed to provide you with a fully managed IT environment optimized to your company’s specific requirements. We’ll develop the plans and build the systems for data backup, load balancing and mirroring. We’ll then monitor and manage those critical processes for you 24/7/365. It’s all in an effort to increase data availability and eliminate the chances of your network ever going offline.

Our Approach

Business Needs A service designed around your needs.

Experience a boutique level of service delivered over a global infrastructure. A technical project manager will provide a single point of contact throughout the planning, delivery and ongoing support of your solution. So your hosting infrastructure can develop alongside your application or business.

Limitless scalability and agility.

crossVault offers the latest cloud computing and server hardware, on demand, across Internap’s global network of data centers. Deploy, scale and augment your infrastructure in days or weeks, not months or years, without the high capital requirement or risk involved in managing your own data center to a professional standard.

An experienced and qualified team.

Draw on the experience and expertise of our qualified teams of solutions architects and advanced system administrators. With an extensive pool of specialist knowledge we can deliver a service that’s tailored to your needs, and can respond quickly when circumstances change.