Hosting Solutions

We provide highly customized hosting solutions for your legacy and cutting edge services.

Web Applications

We are building professional Web Applications in PHP, Javascript, Perl or Python. So we must be in love with popular PHP Frameworks like Symfony, Zend or CodeIgniter.

Do you need a custom extension for WordPress, Drupal, Magento or TYPO3? Contact us now! We also provide realtime applications and games build with react.js, node.js and three.js.

Finance Applications

We can help you building a finance application or customer service which is connected to your individual API.

Our focus is to analysis your historical data and calculate trading setups for upcoming events and market szenarios.
Our graphical user interfaces are working with realtime data displayed on highcharts and cutting edge javascript technology.

100% Transparency

There is no middle man here. We don’t have project managers or account managers, so you are free to communicate with the people that are actually working on your project. We are all hands-on workers, we’ll tell you if something is wrong.


  • 10+ years of research and conceptual design
  • 10+ years in server and network management
  • 10+ years in database management (mysql, nosql, elasticsearch, doctrine)
  • 10+ years in web development with php, javascript, html5, css
  • 8+ years in game and mobile development
  • 6+ years of virtualization and storage systems (kvm, hyperv, openstack, cephfs)
  • 6+ years of product design (meshu, uleak, saas crossvault virtual high availability servers)
  • 5+ years in security (leader of team hashcat, pen-tests, forensical analytics)
  • 5+ years of trading foreign exchange (technical analysis, automated trading, instrument design)
  • 5+ years in application architecture and behavior driven development